Is that a Psychologist in Your Pocket?

The smartphone apps every psych, counsellor and coach should be using.

Even before COVID-19, one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experienced a mental illness in any given year.  Early research shows this number is on the increase and yet 65% of people with a common mental illness do not receive professional help. Unfortunately for many Australians with mental health problems, traditional clinic-based service delivery systems remain inaccessible.  While the media focus is often on the downside of the technology in the form of cyber bullying, sexting, malware and scams, there is a substantial upside. Smart phones and tablets have created unprecedented opportunities to promote positive mental health, enable diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental illness on a scale never imagined.

The rapid growth of e-health technologies has given Australians access to a wide range of preventative and interactive mental health therapies, while also allowing people a greater degree of much needed anonymity. For providers of mental health services, e-health technologies give significant benefits, efficiencies and advantages with lower overall delivery costs, a reduced demand on the clinical workforce and quicker identification of more serious conditions, enabling clinicians to focus on people who are most in need. In this 1 hour practical webinar, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg explores the latest smart phone apps available to clinicians, designed to address high prevalence disorders such as depression and anxiety.