Our purpose is to build mental health literacy and skills in workplaces and communities.  Anyone can learn the skills, confidence and knowledge to have mental health conversations.  Early intervention of common mental health problems combined with evidence-based treatment leads to much better outcomes.

This is where Mental Health First Aid training can help.

Mental Health First Aid skills-based and early-intervention training programs, mobilise and empower communities by equipping people with the knowledge and confidence to recognise, connect, and respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis.

Anyone can have a conversation that may save a life. Everyone should know how.

We are accredited trainers of:

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid
  • Blended Online MHFA Community
  • Blended Online MHFA Workplace
  • Blended Online MHFA Financial Service Professionals
  • MHFA Refreshers

We deliver these courses across Australia in a variety of formats:  face to face, online or as a blended e-learning and face to face training.

We train leaders, teams and members of the community in corporate settings, schools, government agencies, sporting clubs, associations and many numbers of settings.


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I found this course to be incredibly valuable and I will be recommending it to other business professionals.

Michael Jenson

"Excellent course. This is the course you didn't know you needed. Just as important as physical first aid with St Johns Ambulance. Brigitte was lovely and made us feel valued and respected as students. She is a fantastic coach and i felt inspired to use this course to help someone who may really need it.”

Kateesha Kembrow,

"Great facilitator with kind and patient instruction. Very helpful real life examples and suggestions from a true expert. I wish I had done it much earlier.”

Jessie Upton,

"Demonstrated exceptional knowledge base. Thank you, it was great to hear from someone in the field.”

Melissa Scully

"Michael and Brigitte were brilliant trainers and inspired us to change the stigma around mental health in our workplace"

Susan C , The Services Union

"This has been the most important training I've done in a long time. Michael and Brigitte helped us to put it into every day context and apply Mental Health conversations to our everyday work environment."

Allan D, Microsoft

"Michael and Brigitte were excellent facilitators and made the course really come to life. They added so much value with case-studies, examples and stories from their experience and I really needed the revision of the online course materials. I can't recommend this course highly enough."

Merryn A, Department of Health