Potential to Performance

We work with leaders to perform at their true potential in work and life. Our coaching frameworks and models are evidence-based and drawn from extensive coach training and leadership and the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, business, sports and philosophy.

P = p – i
Your Performance (P) in any domain can be said to be the result of your Potential (p), minus the Interferences (i). This simple equation, inspired by Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game series of books, underpins the essence of what coaching is about. Coaching helps you expand your awareness of the things that are holding you and your team back and helps you tackle those interferences so you can be the kind of leader you aspire to be – at home, at work and in your community.

These interferences to your performance can be many and varied: a career change, a global pandemic, a bad night’s sleep, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, a sick parent or child, an injury, overwhelming experiences, over-exposure to the media engine, you name it – there are many things that impair our ability to perform at our peak.

Coaching gives you the tools and models to consistently remove those interferences so that no matter what is going on in your world you are able to operate at your peak, focus on the things you can control and get the sort of results you need for your organisation and your life.

You will be held accountable to create better habits, make better decisions, and be a better leader.

Our work has been covered by dozens of major media outlets including The Financial Review, Huff Post, Sunrise, The Australian, BRW, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The South China Post, etc.

Resilience in the Workplace

The number of stressed Aussies has jumped by about a third to 5.2 million during the past decade, research by health fund Medibank Private shows.  (Medibank Report)

PWC estimates the cost to Australian business is approximately $11 billion per year. (Healthy Workplace PWC)

The Australian Red Cross says 5.6 million Australians are currently lonely and almost half the population don’t have someone they could turn to for help or companionship. Experts are now calling it the “modern epidemic”.

Only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy compared to 76% for physical safety. Only five in ten (56%) believe their most senior leader values mental health (Beyond Blue Report)

Our Solution

Build psychological resilience in your team. We would love to present to your team exactly how to do this in our ‘Building A Resilient Team’ talk; an evidence-based, engaging and entertaining presentation that ignites the resourcefulness and resilience inherent in every team member.

Our wellbeing programs

We take the concentric circle approach to wellbeing.  It starts with the individual and then ripples out to family, work colleagues, friends, the community and so on.

We have a range of solutions to help you and your organisation promote mental wellbeing.

  1. How to promote mental wellbeing in your workplace – our signature talks are highly engaging, evidence-based and informative, and ignite conversation and inspire positive action in your workplace. Options: 90-minute, half-day, full-day.
  2. Momentum Platinum, Systems for Success in Life, Business and Home – This program teaches you seven core ‘systems for success’. It is our solution to the question we get asked daily: “How can we live better?” In order to answer that question, we bring you the latest scientific research and explain it in a way that you can easily understand and actually use.  We teach you ‘systems for success’ that are built on science-based ideas for living a better life, and in the program, we showcase the habits and rituals of athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs. By analysing the stories of top performers from many different fields and understanding proven scientific principles, we have teased out the common characteristics that make these people the best at what they do and how you can apply that in a systematic way in your life.   This course includes 90-minute fortnightly live workshops.
  3. Mental Health First Aid:  Approximately 20% of Australian adults experience a common mental illness each year.  Completing a Mental Health First Aid Course (MHFA) will help you to develop the skills to support a friend, family member, co-worker or community member developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.  You can make a real difference to your community.  Our accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainers can come to your organisation to run Mental Health First Aid for your team members.  Contact us to discuss options for you.
  4. eFlow: This workshop shows you how to harness your existing

Breakfast At Epiphany’s

Experience the eight secrets of wellbeing!

The health and wellbeing industry is now worth $4.2 trillion, some 5.3% of global economic output. So you can be forgiven for getting confused by all the noise and hype. This website only contains simple, factual, helpful and actionable information.

2020 presents a set of unique challenges for the wellbeing of people in organisations across Australia.  The extraordinary circumstances over recent times of fires, drought, health threats and unrest has created a climate of anxiety and now more than ever, it is vital that we look after our mental wellbeing.

The Draft Productivity Commission Report into Mental Health estimates the annual cost to the Australian economy of $180 billion.  BUT every dollar spent on supporting workers with mental health issues yields a 500% return on productivity through increased work output and reduced sick and other leave.