Sometimes you need a quick ‘re-set button’ for your work and life, especially during these hugely disruptive and volatile times we currently find ourselves in.

Here are two of the most common questions our clients are asking at the moment, and our brief answers:

Q: How do I best support and engage my team during disruption and uncertainty?

A: How you show up as a leader during this particular period of uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic is a powerful process of choosing the behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that will have the most positive impact on those around you at home and at work. The most important things you can do as a leader (and as a parent or friend) is to maintain a regular and clear connection with your team and ensure their safety. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to do this remotely. Try using Trello project boards, Zoom meetings with video, or keep it simple and just pick up the phone. Re-setting the collective mindset is powerful: ‘What can we influence?’ ‘What’s the most important thing we as a team can do this week?’ ‘What are the resources we already have at our disposal’. ‘What DO we know?’ ‘What CAN we be certain about?’ ‘How are we managing our energy individually and collectively?’

Q: How do I maintain momentum vital to my team’s success and our customer needs amid the changes and ‘noise’?

A: Apply your own psychological ‘oxygen mask’ first with our Wellbeing Audit. Check in with yourself now and consider this week, how are you going in these 8 vital areas, and what do you need to change or re-set?

  • Energy: How am I managing my energy with exercise (12K steps a day), nutrition (your mood foods) and sleep (and your wind-down routine)?
  • Purpose: Am I clear on my purpose this week and if not, how can I re-focus?
  • Interactions with others: how well am I connecting with others? How well am I managing my use of social media?
  • Playing to your strengths: how am I leveraging my innate strengths this week? How am I helping others play to their strengths?
  • Having a go: What opportunities have presented themselves this week for me to learn, grow or try something new? Am I embracing change or resisting it?
  • Mindset: Am I choosing my thoughts carefully or is the ‘noise’ of current events driving my thoughts (reactive)?
  • Gratitude: how is my practice of daily gratitude going? What can I be grateful for now? This week?
  • Kindness: What acts of kindness am I choosing and for whom? What questions am I asking myself to get the most positive outcomes for me and my team and family?

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