June 2020

Australia v2.0


Watch the discussion between four experts – Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Dr Tim Hawkes, Senator Jane Hume and Jason Clarke – as they share their perspectives on life and work for Australians as we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown.

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7 tips for taking negative stress out of this week


This week and over the coming weeks, many of us across Australia are returning back to work, school and a ‘new normal’ way of life.  The challenges that this great ‘re-entry’ brings are many.  Momentum First clients are sharing that some of the rituals, routines and micro-habits that served us and made up our [...]

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April 2020

Wellbeing Audit: Maintaining momentum in uncertain times


Sometimes you need a quick ‘re-set button’ for your work and life, especially during these hugely disruptive and volatile times we currently find ourselves in. Here are two of the most common questions our clients are asking at the moment, and our brief answers: Q: How do I best support and engage my team [...]

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5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety


Being anxious is a completely normal response to stressful events. Given the upheaval, uncertainty and devastation that the coronavirus pandemic has brought about, it is especially important that we are aware of, and try to reduce, our anxiety at this time. In 2019, Momentum First Founder and Principal Coach Brigitte Johnson became a Mental Health [...]

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7 Ways to Maintain Momentum While Working From Home


Millions of us have pivoted to remote working as we adapt to our government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and put our nation's safety first. For many, the physical boundaries between work and home now fall away and as many schools close, families are home together. The question we have received most in the [...]

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Raising Resilient Kids in the Coronavirus Era


In every country around the world, each corner of the globe, working parents like us are concerned about the threat that the COVID-19 virus has placed upon our health, our society and our livelihoods. These are exceptional times, and this week we turn our thoughts to the wellbeing of our children and how to [...]

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November 2019

Thursday Thoughts – Wellbeing At Work


Thursday Thoughts give you one idea you can use to boost your wellbeing.  Useful, evidence-based strategies that have come from our collective experience working with clients and are proven to boost your energy and focus and reduce your stress and workload. With 40 days until Christmas, today's Thursday Thought is about how you start your [...]

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