Thursday Thoughts give you one idea you can use to boost your wellbeing.  Useful, evidence-based strategies that have come from our collective experience working with clients and are proven to boost your energy and focus and reduce your stress and workload.

With 40 days until Christmas, today’s Thursday Thought is about how you start your day and how that impacts your team and your family.  The positive compounding effect of a solid morning ritual is well known.  But at this time of year, there are plenty of de-railers.

An ideal morning routine starts with hydration, movement to get the blood flowing and a brain dump of all the alerts going off about the day’s activities.  The output of this brain dump is (very) preferably a ‘top 3’ – what are the top three things you want to make happen today?  Then, if you can squeeze it in before breakfast, family and meetings, pause to reflect on the big picture – what you’re grateful for and what you’re looking forward to.

This simple ritual, in the myriad ways you can slice, dice and execute it has a ripple effect on your leadership of self, family and team.  It was an honour to co-write Organised By Christmas, a workbook for people with a lot on their plates with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.  We wrote this book together because in Michael’s work as an adolescent and family psychologist and in my work as an executive coach, we wanted to address the universal pain points that people are experiencing at this time of year and what you can do to thrive.  In the book we explore in more detail the pain of ‘Stressmas’ and the heartbreaking statistics of this time of year for mental and physical health.

We give you nine strategies you can immediately put in place that will reduce the stress, save time, reduce clutter, help you save money, improve your performance at work and create a clear vision for 2020.  We are honoured to work with Foodbank this year, so every purchase of our ebook puts three meals on the table for Australian families who are otherwise going without.  Michael’s psychological eggs in your own basket paradigm shows you how and why you need to take care of your self in order to lead and help others.

Here’s to your success.