In every country around the world, each corner of the globe, working parents like us are concerned about the threat that the COVID-19 virus has placed upon our health, our society and our livelihoods.

These are exceptional times, and this week we turn our thoughts to the wellbeing of our children and how to support them through this crisis. Momentum First’s Brigitte Johnson and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg have spoken with hundreds of parents, staff and senior school children about the challenges we are all facing. 

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg was recently invited to talk to a gathering of leaders from organisations all around the world – Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, and the U.S. – on the topic of Family Resilience in the Coronavirus Era. The questions and topics mirrored many of the questions we receive every day from Momentum First clients wanting to learn how to raise resilient children.

The most important thing we can all do is to stay mentally and physically healthy and well. Our children absorb and model what we as adults DO, rather than what we SAY.

Being a young person is complicated enough without a global pandemic in the mix. And many adults are struggling to navigate the new reality of remote schoolwork, lots of family time and a ton of uncertainty about what happens next. We recently held a special webinar with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Sharon Witt, a secondary school teacher, author and presenter to adolescents and their parents as well as founder of Resilient Kids Conference. If you missed this important talk, don’t worry – a recording is available here to download.

Now is a good time to practice healthy work habits at home – behaviour that you would want your children to model. Take regular breaks. Manage your stress levels. Have a routine about your day – a healthy start and a wind-down ritual before bed each night. Avoid any news channels and social media that creates undue stress for you.

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Renowned educator, author and broadcaster, Sharon Witt teams up with Australia’s leading child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg to give parents specific skills, knowledge and strategies you need to help kids now.

Especially for parents and carers of year 12 students, and for the students themselves. Discover strategies for thriving during the global pandemic.

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